RACES Hurricane Drill Deemed “A Success”

RACES logoBob Mims, WA1OEZ writes on mras-leaders” list:

“Region II MEMA had a very successful hurricane drill in place of the normal RACES messages on Monday, June 7th.

A total of 39 communities were logged into the five 2 meter nets run from Region II Headquarters in Bridgewater (4 voice nets, 1 packet). The new tower and antennas greatly reduced our overload problems.

Special thanks to Mike Neilsen, Rob Macedo, and EMass. ARES for supplying us some extra operators for Region II. This kind of cooperation is what ham radio is all about.

The RACES operators in the towns all should be congratulated for doing an excellent job. We had to pack a lot of traffic into a two hour drill. Thanks for you patience and efficient message handling.

Bob Mims
Region II, MEMA

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