The “Ultimate Fox Hunt”

DNC logoRick Zach, K1RJZ by way of W1NAU writes:

Everyone @ listserv:

Hello folks. If appropriate please forward this email via your ham club’s email listserv system.

Today I met with technical officials who will work at the Boston DNC convention. This same team will work at the Republican Convention so this group’s roots are philosophically agnostic.

These folks are the official frequency coordinators who are acknowledged by the Broadcast Media and FCC as having authority to coordinate, minimise interference and enforce the proper use of coordinated RF frequencies for:

– short haul microwave
– wireless mikes
– two way radios and repeaters
– remote controls
– anything that sends or receives RF

This technical group is looking for technical RF-oriented volunteers before and during the actual DNC convention. (July 22-29)

That being said, the local broadcast community is flat out working on their own projects. The official DNC frequency coordinator, Louis Libin has asked me to solicit help from two local communities:

1) The local chapter of the Society of Broadcast Engineers (ch-11)

2) The local ham radio community

If you are in a position to work on “The Ultimate Fox Hunt”, please contact Louis Libin at or via phone at 516-816-8661.

The only pay will be the appreciation of a grateful community and an incredible learning experience! Volunteers will receive DNC credentials after the appropriate checks and training.

The volunteers will need to possess:

* significant real world RF and foxhunt experience from 30 MHz to 23 GHz.

* significant tact and real-world human relations experience

The DNC frequency coordination group will have some test gear available.

A dedicated 451-range UHF repeater pair will be used to manage this coordination effort. Many of the world’s major media outlets will depend on this small group of volunteers to detect interference and protect many major lines of communications.

If interested, please contact Louis Libin at or via phone at 516-816-8661

Rick Zach, Chief Engineer WCVB-TV ch5
aka K1RJZ

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