USS Salem ARC Needs You!

USS Salem ARC QSL cardJ.C. Cunningham, W1AI writes:

I need volunteers to demo amateur radio to scouts on the USS Salem. All three of the following events are from 3pm till 6pm on Saturday afternoons:

— Saturday 9/11/04 – 1 or 2 volunteers to work with ~20 scouts

— Saturday 9/18/04 – 4 or 5 volunteers to work with 100+ scouts. (This follows the morning CEMARC meeting on board the USS Salem.)

— Saturday 9/25/04 – 3 or 4 volunteers to work with ~50 scouts.

Those who have never helped on the USS Salem before are welcome and especially encouraged to participate. I will make sure that there aresufficient experienced volunteers to show the newbies the ropes!

Please email me at to let me know if you will help. I know it’s a pain having to give a commitment in advance, but the ship needs to know in advance so they can schedule alternate activities if we cannot help out.

While I’m always happy for extra volunteers to show up unannounced, I’m especially grateful for the ones who commit in advance, as they are the ones that make this activity possible!

As for this Saturday’s event, I need a response TODAY.

JC Cunningham, W1AI
USS Salem K1USN Radio Club scouting program volunteer coordinator

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