Genesis ARS: “These Kids Are Our Future”

K1TH morse demo at Plymouth LibraryPhil Bradway, KB2HQ wrote:

“Following last year’s successful presentation at the Plymouth Library, the Genesis Amateur Radio Society (GARS) was asked to do a repeat performance this year. On July 17, we set up a couple of radios and an antenna for 20 meters to give the kids something to hear and do a bit of talking. Unfortunately, band conditions were poor.

However, Tom Hurley, K1TH, had a world prefix map and many QSL cards to show geography, ham radio style. Tom did his famous CW demo, using one of the rigs as a code practice oscillator. Each participant sent his/her name in code.

The kids really get a kick out of this! These kids are our future, so we tried to make it interesting.”

Photo courtesy GARS Monthly Update—September, 2004

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