JOTA “QRV” In Bridgewater

JOTA logoTom Kinahan, N1CPE writes:

“I’m working with a Boy Scout troop in Bridgewater, led by my brother-in-law, including my nephew, for JOTA this weekend. We plan on spending a few hours with the 14 scouts at the Bridgewater EOC, by arrangement with Carl Aveni (N1FY). I understand a some Bridgewater locals will stop by as well.

…Our main goal is to get each scout on the radio to talk to someone. I’ve coordiated with a few other JOTA groups, and we may talk on VHF if HF is bad. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get everyone on.

We’re also going to point them in the direction of the Radio Merit Badge.

I’m going to arrange a tour of the State EOC for these scouts coming up.”

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