EMA Staff Meets In Burlington

EMA ARRL logoThe Eastern Massachusetts ARRL Staff met on October 14 in Burlington for a semi-annual cabinet meeting. Those attending the dinner-meeting were: Bob Salow WA1IDA (ASM), Jim Duarte, N1IV (PIC), Frank Murphy, N1DHW (ACC), Mike Ardai, N1IST (BM), Jim Ward, N1LKJ (STM), Ed Parish, K1EP (TC), Rob Macedo, KD1CY (Asst. SEC), Mike Neilsen, W1MPN (SEC) and Phil Temples, K9HI (SM). Shawn O’Donnell, K3HI (SGL) was unable to attend; instead, Shawn prepared a written report.

The group discussed a wide range of topics, including the state of the section’s traffic nets, club activities, recent technical inquiries, and a comprehensive wrap-up of ARES and emergency communications activities.

W1MPN, who will assume SM duties in January, 2005, addressed the group about his future plans for section leadership.

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