USS Salem ARC: QRV For Scouting!

K1USN QSL cardJC Cunningham, W1AI writes:

The USS Salem K1USN radio club is going to be busy with the scouting program in the coming months:

* Sat Jan 22 – 25 scouts in the afternoon
* Sat Feb 12 – 73 scouts in the afternoon
* Sat Mar 5 – 68 scouts in the morning and 160-190 in the afternoon
* Sat Mar 12 – 40 scouts in the morning and 172 in the afternoon
* Sat Mar 19 – 100 scouts in the morning and 119 in the afternoon

What are you going to do to help?

Several people have expressed disappointment that the scouting activities are always on Saturdays, when they are unavailable for a variety of reasons. Well, there’s one activity that needs to be done during the week (either days or evenings). That’s the job of volunteer coordinator. I’ve been doing it for a couple of years now, and I’m ready to pass the torch. I plan to stay active with the scouting program, but primarily in the role of occasional volunteer.

What you need to do this job is:

* Good organizational skills
* Good communication skills
* The ability to get along with people

What the job entails:

* Find out from the ship what scouting events are coming up
* Send emails (and/or make phone calls) to get volunteers
* Send more urgent emails (and/or make phone calls) if your first email doesn’t raise enough volunteers
* Make sure that enough people, with sufficient USS Salem experience, have volunteered to get the job done
* Letting the ship know by Friday morning what our participation will be
* Send a final email letting everyone know what will or won’t be happening

The volunteer coordinator does not ever have to go to the ship. In fact, this is a job that could just as well be done from Hawaii as Massachusetts! (Know that would be my preference!) That makes it perfect for people who want to help out, but who live a long ways from Quincy!

Please contact me to volunteer, or if you need more information.

JC Cunningham, W1AI

Outgoing USS Salem K1USN Radio Club Scouting Program Volunteer Coordinator

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