Boston-Area Ham Lends A Hand To Elderly Amateur

An item appearing in a recent newspaper column soliciting assistance for an elderly amateur has resulted in an offer to help, exemplifying the best and true spirit of the friendly amateur.

The Boston Globe’s Chatters column carried the following:

Dear Chatters,

A 91 year old expert amateur radio operator at Sherrill House, a Boston retirement facility, needs help adjusting his rig. Is there a savvy do-gooder volunteer in the area who would help him? Thanks in advance.

Dorothy, His Wife

The story was relayed to a Boston area ham, who sent an email post to the Boston ARC’s mailing list. This, in turn, elicited several comments from both members and non-members.

Jack Ciaccia, WM0G, President of the Boulder (Colorado) Amateur Radio Club wrote:

“…The ham (in question) is Yardley Beers, W0JF, one of the nicest and most interesting hams you could ever want to meet. QST had an article on him a few months ago. He is one of my friends and was a wonderful inspiration to a lot of our young hams here in Boulder, CO and our BARC club (Boulder Amateur Radio Club). Thank you for relaying the call.

“He had a stroke a few years ago and is partially disabled. He still operates CW using the hand that isn’t paralyzed, whenever he can. Ham radio IS his life. He is a physicist (developed the Cesium based atomic clock for NBS and set up some of the WWV sites here in Colorado) and his brain is still as sharp as ever. I only wish I was around there so Dorothy (his wife) wouldn’t have to plea for some help for him. You’ll be rubbing elbows with ham radio history with him. Please let me know if anyone has been able to help Yardley out.”

David Goncalves, W1EUJ, also wrote back.

“I’ve helped (Yardley) in the past, thanks to ARRL. When his nurse did some research, she asked them for local hams. They gave her the Northeastern University Wireless Club’s number (the closest club to Jamaica Plain) and I offered to go. I helped him set up a loop antenna, a Ten-Tec transceiver with a sticky knob, and his HT.

“I wondered what had happened to him, then this message dropped into my mailbox. I don’t get on the air much, so this is the least I can do for the hobby…”

[Ed. note: On behalf of hams everywhere, thank you, Dave!]

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