W1AA/MSC QRV For Int’l Marconi Day, April 23, 2005

W1AA/MSC 2005 IMD operationThe Marconi Radio Club will operate W1AA/MSC, representing the 1901 Marconi Nantucket ship-to-shore station for International Marconi Day, April 23, 2005.

“The operation will be on CW only–the only mode used at the Marconi station MSC on Nantucket Island,” writes club president Robert “Whitey” Doherty, K1VV.

DX stations contacting W1AA may QSL via the W1 bureau, while W/K QSLs should be sent direct to W1AA’s callbook or QRZ.com address. Self-addressed, stamped envelopes are requested.

Constructed in 1901, MSC communicated with the Nantucket Shoals lightship 50 miles southeast, and also with ocean-going steamers. MSC was instrumental in saving numerous lives following a collision between two steamers–the Florida and the Republic–in a dense fog 70 miles south of the island in 1908.

For further information about operating in the IMD event, please visit http://www.gb4imd.co.uk/operatio.htm.

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