Massasoit ARA Members “Pull Double Duty” In Public Service Events

Members of the Massasoit Amateur Radio Association faced a conflict in supporting both Operation Atlas from the Bridgewater Emergency Operations Center (rescheduled to June 4, 2005) and the 10k Road Race at Camp Yomechas in Middleboro. Fortunately there were enough members available to support both events, with W1GMF, N1PYN and N1LHD pulling a shift at both locations. —MARANews, June 2005

Photo #1 (l-r): N1LHD, W1GMF, N1LCY; Photo #2: N1XTB, KD1CY; Photo #3: the Camp Yomechas Crew: NI1X, W1GMF, N1lHD, N1NVV, N1LCY, N1PYN. Photos courtesy KB1CYV and NI1X

Massassoit ARA members, June 4, photo 1Massassoit ARA members, June 4, photo 2Massassoit ARA members, June 4, photo 3

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