Boston Triathlon Help Requested, Sept. 4, 2005

BARC logoBob Salow, WA1IDA writes on barc-list:

“We have been asked again to support safety communications for the fifth annual Triathlon held in Boston. Formally known as the ‘The Boston Triathlon,’ the event is basically unchanged from last year.

For those who have done this event before, you know the road conditions call for our best support for the athletes. We need you again, and the Race Director has asked for even more ham help (that’s what happens when we are appreciated).

The triathlon consists of a swim in the harbor around the World Trade Center (WTC) in South Boston; bike from there through downtown Boston, Charlestown, across and around Cambridge, and back to the WTC; and run from the WTC into and around the Marine Industrial Park and finish at the WTC. Exhausting? Yes for the racers, no for us hams.

Date: Sunday, 4 September 2005
Ham start: 0600
Ham finish: 0930 to 1100

The ham start time is governed by road closures and access to the station locations. It is important to be at the assigned locations on time (even if you are the first one there) – the triathletes move very fast (I don’t know how they do it), so the course is occupied quickly.

Yes, I know it is the day before Labor Day. The upside is it starts early and ends early, leaving plenty of time to enjoy the long weekend. Your help is greatly needed to continue this as a superb event and to uphold our reputation for dependable support. Our assignments consist of monitoring hazardous and critical locations along the course, and the medical/support stations. As we did last year, we plan to use a 2-meter repeater and/or a 70-cm repeater. Hand-held with a good battery is the way to go.

If you can help, please contact me as soon as possible. I will email the assignments and more detail as soon as they are available. For most locations, you can go directly to your station.

Time is short, so please let me know quickly if you can help. If you reply from an email address other than the one best for you, let me know. Also, please send me a phone number. Parking should be available very close to each assignment. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thanks and 73,
Bob Salow, WA1IDA

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An additional note:

This is the first of the series of public service events for this fall which are coordinated by the Boston Amateur Radio Club. In the near future I will be sending you information about each. I hope you can help with all or some of these opportunities to demonstrate our skills to the community. Here is a summary of events coming up in the next few months:

** 17 September – WGBH Ice Cream FunFest – Logistics management, ham radio public awareness.

** 25 September – Boston Bike Festival – 15-, 25-, and 40-mile bike rides entirely in Boston.

** 9 October – BAA Half Marathon – 13.1 miles, 98% in Boston, 2% in Brookline.

– Bob

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