01/61 Marlboro Repeater Changes

MMRA logoBob DeMattia, K1IW writes:

The PL (subaudible) tone for the Marlborough 146.610 MMRA repeater has been changed to 100.0 Hz. This change is in preparation for the new 01/61 repeater which is scheduled to go live in Brookline later this week. If you wish to continue to use the 01/61 in the Marlborough location, you will need to program your radio’s PL tone to 100.0 Hz.

When this project is complete, there will be two MMRA repeaters on 146.61. The repeater at the Brookline location will be the primary repeater, with an MMRA standard tone of 146.2. The repeater in East Marlborough will continue to be available as a backup, using a tone of 100.0 Hz. When choosing to use one of these repeaters, kindly give a quick listen to be sure the frequency is not already in use.

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