Boston Emergency Management, Boston ARC Cooperation

Blake Haskell, K1BTH writes:

I’m pleased to report that I had a great meeting with the Boston Emergency Management Agency this week. They are very pleased with [the Boston Amateur Radio Club] and have asked us to prepare a list of equipment that we need to operate at the EOC. The EOC wants to rearrange its layout and put all radio operators in one location to lower the noise floor.

Along those same lines, I met with other City of Boston representatives to discuss the ongoing plans for the Strategic National Stockpile. Again, they are very happy to have BARC involved with these efforts and have asked us to participate in an exercise in June, 2006. Details are sketchy at this point, but it appears they will deploy a couple of dispensing sites, have a couple of “virtual” sites and staff a command post and warehouse. We will be asked to provide Amateur Radio support for this exercise and as soon as I receive additional information, I will forward it to you.

—Boston ARC The SPARC, January 2006

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