2006 Multiple Sclerosis Walks, April 8, 2006

MS WalkBob Salow, WA1IDA writes:

As you can see in the Subject line above, this is a plural event. The Multiple Sclerosis Society is organizing not only its historic Boston/Cambridge walk, but at the same time, a walk from Wellesley to Boston. And so we start off the 2006 season of ham radio public service events.

We have been asked to support communications for both events which increases our need for your help on Saturday, 8 April. Yes, these are on a Saturday!

The ham assembly time for the usual Boston/Cambridge walk is 1000 on Boston Common near the intersection of Beacon St and Charles St. The Walk route will proceed west on the Boston side of the Charles River, cross to Cambridge, go east on Memorial Drive and back to Boston. Our tasks should be completed by early afternoon. The usual hearty lunch will be provided for all volunteers.
The “Journey For Hope,” as the Wellesley to Boston walk is called, starts at Elm Bank along the Charles River and proceeds along Route 16 to Route 30 (Commonwealth Ave) in Newton, and then to the Boston Common. There will be several checkpoints along the way. Hams assigned to the start and the checkpoints can go directly to their assignments. The start will need communications at 0700, but the other locations will be later. Lunches will be provided.

For both walks, there are several hazardous or confusing locations, some shadows, and possibly mobile units. Net Control for both events will be in our tent on Boston Common. Present plans call for the Boston/Cambridge walk to use 2 meters and the Journey to use 70 cm, but this is subject to change.

If you are new and want to get more public service experience, this is an excellent event to get your feet wet. These MS Walks are a low impact opportunity to learn the ropes.

Your assistance is valuable. Please let me know promptly if you can help. I will get more details to those who volunteer as soon possible. If you have already volunteered, bear with me and reply to this, also. Get back to me if you have any questions or would like to recommend another ham to join us.


Bob Salow, WA1IDA

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