Contesters: Join In Emergency Communications Drill

Yankee Clipper Contest Club logoA well-known Massachusetts contester and Yankee Clipper Contest Club member has gone on record urging fellow contesters to participate in the upcoming statewide Hurricane Drill on June 5.

“Ham radio has a long tradition of helping during emergencies,” writes David Robbins, K1TTT on the YCCC reflector. “I have at times suggested that emergency coordinators should team up with contest operators and station owners to improve their capabilities. However due to busy contest schedules and having a large station to maintain I have been less than active following through.”

Robbins says he’s “putting his foot where his mouth is” by participating in the upcoming drill. “I will have at least the local SKYWARN coordinator at my station to participate.”

Robbins encourages YCCC members and other contesters to contact their local coordinators who may be participating and invite them to visit and see their stations’ capabilities. “I will almost guarantee that most of [the coordinators] have no idea of what could be done for HF or even VHF communications from even a moderately well equipped contest station.”

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