W1XAL Information?

W1XAL QSL cardPaul McDonough, ex-WA1WYZ writes on Boatanchors@mailman.qth.net:

I’m looking for anyone who remembers the shortwave station W1XAL in Boston. I’d like to write an article about it.

I thought the Boatanchors group would be appropriate since there are a lot of older hams on it. No flames please.

I’ve found out that W1XAL started transmitting on shortwave from 70 Brookline Ave in Boston in 1931. It broadcast educational and cultural programs by professors from Harvard, Tufts, BU, etc.

Does anyone have ANY photos/stories/anything about this station back then?

In 1936, the antenna (antennas?) were moved to Scituate, MA.

In 1939, the station became WRUL. Later it became WNYW, then WYFR. It left Scituate in the 1970’s.

I’d like any info on W1XAL that I can get. All I have is a photocopy of a QSL card. I’m just amazed that a shortwave station broadcast from inside Boston. (I was born and raised in Boston).

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.

Paul McDonough
formerly WA1WYZ
Natick, MA

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