Boston ARC To Help At WGBH Ice Cream FunFest

Ice Cream FunFest logoBob Salow, WA1IDA writes on BARC-List:

Ice Ham — Ice Radio — Ice Cream!!

The WGBH Ice Cream FunFest will be held on Saturday, 16 September 2006. For many years the Boston Amateur Radio Club has responded to their request for communications to assist and protect the 10000 expected visitors at the WGBH (Public TV and FM) annual Ice Cream FunFest. It is held outside their studios on Western Avenue in Brighton.

To those who have participated in the past, I can assure you that your service received their greatest praise. To you and any newcomers, your help is needed even more this year to assist with crowd and parking management and emergency needs. Our operation begins at 0900 and should be over before 1400.

The area is compact enough to use 2-meter hand-helds on simplex. Helpful is an antenna better than the rubber duck that came with your radio, as well as battery capacity to last the day.

Not only is this a visible ham public service, but we (and all their visitors) get to sample the wares of the FOURTEEN ice cream providers (the most ever) FREE. Eat all you can, but don’t get sick on your radio!

WGBH gives us some extra thanks by allowing us booth space to promote and demonstrate ham radio to the visitors of all ages. Every year this proves to be a great opportunity to introduce ham radio to the public. We plan to demonstrate Morse code to kids of all ages. In the past we have even stirred some dormant ham visitors back into operation. You can be of help here, too.

Time is short and your help is needed. For those who have not done much ham public service, this is an excellent opportunity to get familiar without much effort. Please contact me as quickly as possible. More details to follow. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Bob Salow, WA1IDA


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