Falmouth Fox Hunt, Sept. 9

Falmouth ARA logoWhat is a Fox Hunt? It’s simple enough in concept, a little more difficult to execute however, especially in Falmouth summer traffic. We have a neat little package that contains a 2m transceiver, batteries, and a box full of control circuitry. Somebody hides the package somewhere in town. You find the package using radio direction finding techniques.

What techniques? They can be as simple as using your body to shield the antenna on your HT so you can find a null in the signal from the Fox; or as complex as a phase shift detector with multiple antennas. In any case, when you find the null, the Fox is in the opposite direction. Why a null and not a peak? Simple, a null is usually deeper and more pronounced than a peak, especially with omni-directional antennas.

The fox will even bark for you if you tune to 146.565 simplex, key your rig and press the # key on your keypad for a second or so. The fox will respond with about 60 seconds worth of CW that reads:

FOX, followed by 50 seconds worth of beeps, and finally K1RK, whereupon it goes silent again. The FARA Fox should now be very healthy and rar’n to go; he says, find me if you can!

WHEN? Saturday September 9 at 0830.

WHERE? We meet in front of Town Hall, the Fox will be driven off to hide and the hunt kicks off from there. Hunt will run until the fox is found or 11:30, which ever happens first.

AND AFTER? All hunters are invited to lunch at John & Lyn Gould’s house, RSVP (508)540-5779 by Thursday, September 7.

–Thanks, Falmouth Amateur Radio Association web site

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