Framingham Emergency Expo A Huge Success

Framingham ARA logoThe Framingham Emergency Expo was a huge success, according to Framingham Amateur Radio Association president Gordy Bello, K1GB. [See Framingham ARA To Participate In Emergency Preparedness Expo.]

“We had crowds of interested people listening, asking questions, etc.” Bello also writes that kids in attendence were enthusiastic about what the amateurs were doing and showing at the club’s exhibit.

“Without a doubt, the biggest attraction at the booth was Ed Weiss, W1NXC’s code ‘test,'” remarked Bello. “The kids loved it! Who said that CW is dead?”

K1GB adds that each individual who particpated in the code test received a certificate. “We also had them make their own call sign badges.”

FARA members who assisted at the event include: KB1LOY (who liased with the scouts), W1NXC, N1FTB, WA1HAM, KB1NIV, W1VIV, KB1FHJ, KA1HGL, and K1VEA.

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