Boston ARC, Salvation Army: “Relationship Changing”

BARC logo“The long-standing relationship between The Salvation Army Boston Headquarters and BARC will soon change dramatically.

“The Salvation Army feels that their mission will be better served by forming their own [SATERN] group which will in large measure take over the support that BARC has historically provided to them. As we understand it, this group will be solely devoted to the public safety mission of the Army and will not conflict with historic BARC activities. If called upon to do so, BARC will continue to offer communication support to The Salvation Army, as we have in the past.

“Unfortunately, as a consequence of forming and maintaining their group, the Army has decided that effective December 7, 2006 they will no longer provide space for BARC meetings and activities in their Boston headquarters. Thus we must find a new venue for our meetings. Any changes in location will be announced promptly.

“Responding to member interest for some time, BARC has been looking at alternative sites for meetings in the Greater Boston area. Most have been unsatisfactory in one way or another. We do have some leads, however, and these are being examined. We ask for your input regarding meeting places. All ideas are solicited and will be considered.”

–From “BARC and The Salvation Army Changing Relationship,” Hank Buccigross, K1QK, September, 2006 SPARC

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