US Coast Guard “Special Event Radio Day” Oct. 28

USCG shipWhitey Doherty, K1VV writes on

US Coast Guard Auxiliary announces “Special Event Radio Day” (Oct 20, 2006) — The US Coast Guard Auxiliary (USCGA) will hold a “Special Event Radio Day” Saturday, October 28, to support the International Search and Rescue Competition (ISAR 2006) and the 67th Anniversary of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary.

More than two dozen USCG Auxiliary Amateur Radio stations will be active on the HF bands from the Atlantic to Hawaii and from Maine to the US Virgin Islands. Many will operate from US Coast Guard Bases.

A special QSL card (see photo) will be available by making contact with any station and sending an SASE. The USCGA invites the Amateur Radio community to join in the celebration.

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