William M. Miller, K1IBR SK

Bill Miller, K1IBR, SKMembers of the Southeastern MA Amateur Radio Association were saddened to learn that club member Bill Miller, K1IBR passed away in the early morning on February 5, 2007 following a brief illness. Funeral arrangements are private.

Miller was a driving force in SEMARA for decades; in addition to his “Elmering” efforts benefiting many in his club, K1IBR also made substantial contributions to Eastern MA section activities.

According to former ARRL Section Manager Michael Neilsen, W1MPN, “Bill was a friend to ARES; he supported our efforts to hold workshops [at SEMARA]. He also participated in the hosting of several CEMARC meetings which included complimentary BBQs.”

“Bill was the wind beneath the club’s wings more than once. This ‘silent key’ will surely be missed,” writes SEMARA member and trustee Dave Dean, K1JGV. Adds SEMARA Technical Chairman Tim Smith, N1TI, “We lost a dear friend of SEMARA today.”

The club has established a tribute page to Bill Miller on its web site at http://www.semara.org/k1ibr.html.

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