SEMARA Proposes New 10-Meter Net To Welcome No-code Techs

SEMARA logoThe Southeastern MA Amateur Radio Association wants to form a new 10-meter SSB net, according to Zero Beat newsletter editor Bob Kelley, K1KVV.

“Considering that all licensed hams can operate SSB in the 28.300 to 28.500 MHz segment, I’d like to propose that SEMARA sponsor a 10 meter net on 28.490 MHz USB,” Kelley writes. K1KVV proposes that the net be held on 28.490 MHz which will “put it close enough to the General segment starting at 28.500 MHz to attract browsers to the net frequency.”

According to Kelley, one volunteer has already stepped forward to serve as a net control station. Kelly has asked for club members’ input in selecting a suitable day of the week, and a time for the new net so that it can begin sometime in March.

–Thanks, SEMARA Zero Beat, March 2007

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