Support HR-462 “BPL Interference” Bill

powerline transformer pixLen Schaier, K2IVX writes:

Please consider asking the members of your club to support HR 462, a bill that requires the FCC to report back to congress on interference issues associated with the BPL technology. There is an article on BPL in the current issue of QST. I have attached two letters (see below) that your members might find useful. Please feel free to suggest that they be modified/personalized.

If you are not familiar with the kind of interference that BPL can cause, please see:

If for some reason that link does not work, please search

“Broadband over Powerlines – An Radio Amateur’s Perspective”,

Also, please note that Edward J. Markey from MA is Chairman of the SUBCOMMITTEE ON TELECOMMUNICATIONS AND THE INTERNET (where the Bill is in Committee). If you live in his district then your input might be especially valuable.

Thanks in advance,

Len, K2IVX

* Formal BPL example letter
* Not-so-formal BPL example letter

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