Cape Ann ARA Rental Lease “Renewed!”

Cape Ann ARA logoThe City of Gloucester has renewed the lease for the the Cape Ann Amateur Radio Association‘s club shack for a year, according to CAARA President Curtis Wright, AA3JE. The club has been in negotiations with the City over the property, and as recent as April, 2007, the City indicated that it would sell the property. (See also: Cape Ann ARA, City of Gloucester In Negotiations Over Club House Property.)

“It has been a wonderful month for the club,” writes AA3JE. “The City of Gloucester has renewed our lease for a year (6 months with a renewal) and is publicly committed to finding a win-win solution for the club’s location. They (and we) are interested in finding a new location for us that reduces our fixed costs (heat, light, utilities) and repair costs (roof, electrical system, heaters, etc.).”

Wright continues, “In return, they hope to find a location on land or in a building to which they are committed and which lowers the cost to the city of providing us a home.”

AA3JE asks CAARA members, “If you know of a City location with good RF propagation and room for a tower, let us know!”

–Thanks, CAARA Newsletter, June, 2007

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