Hams Assist Carver with Pilgrim Nuke Drill

Carver EOC/Pilgrim Nuke Drill 7-14-07RACES operators provided communications for the Town of Carver during a Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station drill on July 14, 2007. The drill is mandated and graded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). As outlined in official emergency plans, Town of Carver officials will operate a transportation staging area, utilizing buses and vans, to evacuate the population near the nuclear plant in the event of an actual emergency.

The drill participants and observers included the Town of Carver Emergency Manager and staff, the Civil Air Patrol, the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, FEMA, and observers from the Barnstable County Sheriff’s Department.

Hams participating in the drill in Carver included: W1SM, N1IQI, and N1XTB; N1NJE operated at the Plymouth Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

Shown here: W1SM, N1IQI at Carver EOC. Photo courtesy N1XTB

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