W1AA QRV For National Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend, August 18-19

W1AA Dumpling Rock operationK1VV and N1DT plan again to activate Dumpling Rocks (USA 1321) and Historic (USA 247) Lighthouses in Buzzard’s Bay on Saturday, August 18, 2007, 2007 from 7:00 AM EDT (1100 UTC) until about 2:00 PM EDT (1800 UTC).

The two were to originally activate Dumpling Rocks and Historic Lighthouses on July 7, 2007 but a family illness caused a last-minute cancellation.

The W1AA operation coincides with the Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society‘s (ARLHS) National Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend, August 18-19, 2007. According to the ARLHS web site, the event is “to promote public awareness of ham radio and lighthouses; to contribute to the recognition that lighthouses, lightships, and their keepers deserve; to foster camaraderie within the ham fraternity; and to provide fellowship amongst the members of the Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society.”

Guidelines for the event can be found on-line.

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