Whitman Amateurs Attend World Scout Jamboree

World Scout JamboreeAmateurs from the Whitman Amateur Radio Club recently attended the 21st World Scout Jamboree in Hylands Park, Chelmsford, England. Paul Moss, KB1MTW and Mike Supple, KB1OEP spent ten days visiting London and Paris with Whitman Troop 22. While in England, they spent one day visiting the Jamboree and special events station GB100J. The station commemorated the 100-year anniversary of scouting which started in 1907 in England.

“Echolink was down at the site due to lack of Internet access, start-up problems. [We] did get to do a two-meter simplex connection with the group at the station and an Echolink QSO through the base station connection to a local club repeater link,” reports KB1MTW. Paul also spoke to a father and son who are involved in scouting.

Approximately 40,000 scouts from 200 countries participated in the Jamboree. A contact was made between scouts at GB100J and Clay Anderson, KD5PLA on-board the International Space Station. Another contact was made via Echolink with Whitman ARC member Don Burke, KB1LXH in Taunton.

Shown here: Scott Supple and Koby Ward of Whitman trading patches.

–Thanks, Whitman ARC Spectrum, September, 2007

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