Philips ARC Proposes Club Kit-building Project

VK5JST antenna analyzer kitA Philips Amateur Radio Club member is proposing an antenna analyzer kit-building project for fellow members. Tony Brock-Fisher, K1KP came across the kit, put together by Australian amateur VK5JST. “All the eHam reviews are very positive,” Brock-Fisher writes. “Complete kits of parts are available from the South Coast Amateur Radio Club for a reasonable price.”

K1KP thinks that this “might be an interesting winter project which would bolster meeting attendance and provide a fun and useful project for members.”

If interest warrants, Brook-Fisher suggests that the club buy one set of parts. He would build it as a ‘pilot run’ and if successful, club members would work together to construct additional kits at meetings.

[Philips ARC, W1HP, was formerly the Hewlett-Packard Andover ARC.]

–Thanks, K1KP

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