Belmont HAMsters Experiencing Ham Radio Adventures

Winn Brook HAMsters visit 06/02/06, photo #1Elementary school teacher Ms. Donna LaRoche, KB1LWY is introducing Amateur Radio to another class of eager first-grade HAMsters at the Winn Brook Elementary School in Belmont.

“In addition to all of our exciting ham radio learning adventures and QSOs that we make from our classroom shack, and all of the fabulous guests who come and share their ham radio expertise/passion with the HAMsters, Dr. Chuck Counselman and I are going to teach CW to the HAMsters this year, too,” writes LaRoche. “I’ll be learning it right along with the 6 and 7 year olds in our class!” she adds.

The HAMsters have received visits from Dr. Chuck Counselman, W1HIS, and Mr. Bill McIninch, KA1MOM, who came just before the holidays.

“[KA1MOM] was dressed in red with black boots and his fluffy white beard and the kids thought he was no other than Santa!” says KB1LWY.

Dr. Martin Bayes, AA1ON, is one of the class’s special friends who sends the children post cards from the “four corners” of the world. LaRoche hopes that Bayes will be back to visit the HAMsters “in between his frequent visits to Hong Kong.”

ARRL Headquarters surprised the HAMsters with a recent gift of a 2007 Handbook. To thank the staff, the children created and sent a home-made “thank you” note.

The Winn Brook program is officially a part of the League’s Amateur Radio Education and Technology Program; a.k.a. “The Big Project.”

Shown here: a past visit by Mr. Phil Temples, K9HI and Dr. Ariel Cohen, K9ERA.

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