Whitman CERT Participates In Multi-agency Exercise

Whitman CERT members at WEMA operating consoleMembers of the Whitman Citizens Emergency Response Team (CERT) participated in a multi-agency training exercise on January 19, 2008.

A simulated hostage situation at a school involved the use of reverse-911 to inform citizens of the drill and associated road closings. The resources of a dozen nearby towns and communities, along with county and state apparatus and personnel were utilized. Mock hostages and victims were extracted and cared for at a medical receiving area. The town hall was used for a staging, briefing, and rehabilitation center.

Whitman Emergency Management Agency (WEMA) Director Bob Schmitt, KB1MTY activated the Whitman’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at 7:30 a.m. where CERT team members assembled and were given assignments. Ten of the 16 CERT participants were licensed Amateur Radio operators.

During the day, radio contact was maintained between the EOC, CERT participants, and fire and police personnel at the drill scene. As many as 30 VHF and UHF radio frequencies were constantly monitored at the EOC during the exercise.

The response of the trained CERT volunteers aptly demonstrated WEMA/CERT and Whitman ARC’s abilities to help when called upon in time of need.

CERT volunteers included: Bob Schmitt, KB1MTY WEMA Director; Bill Hayden, N1FRE, EOC-Radio Control operator; Mike Supple, KB1OEP; Susan Supple; Stacey Supple; Paul Moss, KB1MTW; Ron Stundze, KB1OEQ; Gloria Chiaramonte, KB1OAV; Skip O’Malley, KB1MTZ; Cathy Costello, KB1MTX; Erika LaFlamme, KB1MTV; Rick Peterson KB1OEU; Joan Peterson; Mark Huska; Ted Petersen and Don Taylor.

Photo: Paul Moss, KB1MTW and Mike Supple, KB1OEP operate from Whitman EMA

Thanks, Whitman ARC Spectrum, January 2008

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