Fox Hunt, Central MA, May 10-11, 2008

FoxBarry Fox, W1HFN writes on PART List and others:

Attention all foxhunters!

In honor of the CQ Magazine World-Wide Foxhunting Weekend (May 10th & 11th) and to hopefully foster a resurgence of the activity in the Central MA area, I have assembled a “foxbox”.

It will be deployed within a 5-mile radius of a circle centered at N42° 28.102′ W71° 40.430′ For those of you without GPS or mapping software, that is the intersection of Rtes 70 & 117 in Lancaster, MA.

The fox consists of a 50mw transmitter on the national fox hunt frequency of 146.565, there will be a 20 second voice ID every 3 minutes. This rig feeds a 6dB gain antenna.

Testing with this antenna tied to my basement ceiling resulted in hearing it on my mobile rig over one mile away, so “in the clear” and at a decent height, it should be heard for quite some distance.

There will be the usual log in a plastic baggie, also finders can report their finds via my email;, with a note detailing the message printed on the foxbox.

If there is sufficient interest in this fun aspect of ham radio, I will deploy the fox each weekend in a different location.

Please forward this notice to any persons or groups you think may be interested.

Good luck and happy hunting!

Barry – W1HFN

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