Building RACES in Lynn

RACES logoTerry Stader, KA8SCP writes on mras-leaders:

I’ve been asked by the [emergency management director] in the Town of Lynn to help him put together a RACES team. So I am looking to work with him on selecting hams that would be good candidates for growing this new entity within the community. Can you please send me the names and calls of any likely candidates you might have in your list of hams who can take the initiative in this role? Sure, I can go through the call book and search for hams in Lynn, but there is more to this role than just a name and call sign!

I have quite a few [emergency management directors] asking for assistance lately, much due to the recent Northeast Homeland Security Regional Advisory Council (NERAC) sheltering grant that included 2 FT-7800 transceivers complete with power supplies and antennas. I am hoping to get a list of all of the communities that got these radio systems and will share them with the group. This is another way that the EmComm side of Amateur Radio can reach out to the community officials and get connected with the local operation and become part of the total solution to a local emergency situation.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or suggestions.

Thanks…. Terry

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