Kuss School – High Altitude Balloon Launch June 13

Roland Daignault, N1JOY writes on BCRA mailing list:

Kuss Middle School [Fall River, MA] is conducting its 2nd annual High Altitude balloon launch on Friday June 13th. I will be rolling the HAMCOW to the new Silvia Elementary School on Meridian St. so the students can use it as Mission Control. This is an event the students are conducting in conjunction with an outside team who specializes in these events, but it would be great to have a couple of us available to assist with coaching on how to be a Net Control station, and just be available to help with the radio equipment. Is anybody available?

Last year’s launch included an APRS transmitter, and even though the launch and recovery were successful, the planned water landing ended up being in Copicut Reservoir, rather than the planned Buzzards Bay due to a helium leak that developed soon after launch. If you were listening to the students run their operation and recovery communications, you’ll know they did a great job with very little help.

Let us continue to be Elmers to the students and continue supporting and helping them see how useful ham radio can be, and encourage them to stick with the hobby.

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