GEMOTO-900 MHz Repeater Presentation At Boxboro

GEMOTO-900 MHz repeater sub-group
Cotillion Room 2PM Saturday August 23,2008

GEMOTO 900 MHz repeater group

Between the internet and cell phones, we have all seen a lot of mainstream repeater operation become stagnated. However, 900 MHz repeater operation has seen dramatic sustained growth in 2008. One reason has been due to availability of “the new surplus” of very inexpensive, high quality 900 MHz commercial gear. Find out what all the talk is about.

* Rick Zach, K1RJZ will give a quick introduction to “the new surplus”.
* Depending on audience desires, Randy Krenz, N3HFK has several end-user topics prepared ranging from “what radios should I use” all the way to “how to link repeaters”. The audience will determine the direction.
* John Frye, N1OTY will have a presentation on the high-end Motorola MSF5000 repeater. In 2008, approximately fifty of these surplus repeaters have inexpensively landed in the hands of New England hams with many becoming IRLP-linked repeaters.

Part-2 of this presentation will continue at the Fall 2008 Nearfest.

Rick Zach, K1RJZ

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