URGENT – Hams needed in search for Jack Burke

CQ CQ CQ ALL HAMS de Joe Reynolds, KA1GDQ.


Most of you have seen the TV Reports, regarding the disappearance of 76 year old Jack Burke of Holbrook, MA.  I have a close personal relationship with the family as I graduated with his daughter Colleen in 1981.  Mr. Burke is easily disoriented due to effects of Alzheimer’s disease.


I am looking for members to assist with a daytime search for him tomorrow, if he is not found today.  I am waiting on a reply from HPD Chief Bill Marble for the final OK.  I am also waiting on repeater approval from either MMRA or the Boston Repeaters


In the interim, I am trying to compile a list on who can go later today (Wed April 7, 2010) and those who can help tomorrow morning.  I am hoping we won’t be tied up more than 4 hrs. I was hoping to keep it to daylight hours. Today, April 7, if we get the ok and the manpower to meet in Holbrook at 2pm.  If we go tomorrow I would make it for 12 noon to 4pm.


The mission is to check EVERY D&D, Friendly’s, T-Stations and if we can have a couple on the trains, that would be great as well and the streets between Holbrook & Boston.


If you are interested in assisting, please contact me, Joe Reynolds at 508-296-3622 or email me at ka1gdq@arrl.net


Thank you


Joe Reynolds


Buzzards Bay, MA


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