ICS-100 Training at the ARRL New England Division Convention and Hamfest in Boxboro Massachusetts

Hello to all..

Please see the note from Massachusetts State RACES Radio Officer, Tom Kinahan-N1CPE, on ICS-100 Training being offered at the ARRL New England Division Convention and Hamfest in Boxboro, Massachusetts.

Hi Everyone!

 We’ve asked MEMA to hold a special ICS-100 training class for any and all ham radio operators
during the Boxboro ARRL New England Ham radio convention.

 On Friday August 27 from 9am to 4pm, we will be offering an in person ICS-100 training class. If
you are involved or want to be involved in emergency communications or emergency management with any
government or non-government agency, they will require you to have taken this class, and some
others. The training class is Free, and you will need to bring your lunch, or buy it there. On
Saturday and Sunday August 28 and 29 there will be many other seminars and events including a flea

 In order to attend this ICS-100 class, you will need to pre-register. Convention tickets will not
 required for this class. (but will be available)

 Go to http://www.boxboro.org for details.

 Download the registration form at: http://www.boxboro.org/Boxborough_ICS100_App.pdf

 and either fax it, or email it to James.Mcloughlin at state.ma.us

 -Tom Kinahan

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