Ham Help Needed for BAA 5K and 1 Mile Races, April 17, 2011

Ham help is needed for the BAA’s 5k & 1 Mile Races, Sunday April 17, 2011.

The BAA 5K & 1 Mile Races start and finishes in Boston’s Back Bay the day before the Marathon.

The 5k race starts around 8:00 AM just forward the marathon’s finish line and heads down Boylston St. to the Boston Common, around the Common, down Beacon Street to Arlington St to Commonwealth Ave down Commonwealth Ave to Hereford ST then to Boylston St ending at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. The Mile Races start after the 5k race. The mile races use the marathon’s finish line as the start and finish points. The 1 mile races start just after the finish of the 5k race. This is another excellent event for Hams new to public service to gain experience. Ham support for these races starts around 7:00 AM and ends around noon. (Note that this is the day before the Boston Marathon, but no logistical interference is expected between these events, and the Ham communications will be independent of the Marathon.)

Ham support for this event is straightforward, however, our communications support will make the day safe and smooth for all. For those who are new to ham public service, this event is a good introduction and we need your help. For those who have done this before, your help is needed more than ever.

A 2-meter, 5 watt hand-held is satisfactory the assignments at the BAA’s 5k & 1 Mile Races. A dual-band radio is desirable, but not required. The “rubber duck” antenna that came with your radio should all you need for this event, but if you have a better antenna for your radio take it with you. It will be helpful. Be sure you charge the radio’s battery before the event. If you have extra batteries for your radio take them as a back-up.

Ham public service is interesting and offers fun experiences. The communication load for this event light, but safety and support for the participants are always our primary concern.

If you can help with the BAA’s 5k & 1 Mile Races, Sunday April 17, 2011, please reply to me with all of the following information as soon as possible. If you have already volunteered, bear with me and reply to this message, also. Reply by email is the best method.

Full name
On-air name
Call sign
Postal mailing address (including 9-digit ZIP code)
Evening phone
Day phone
Cell phone
Email address
Does your 2-meter radio have CTCSS (PL)?
Do you have a dual-band radio?
Do you have a magnetic mount antenna?
T-shirt size

Let me know if you have volunteered for this event before and want the same assignment. While I cannot guarantee the same assignment, I will try my best to give you the assignment you want. Note that we cannot assure you that all preferences can be granted. Try to get back to me as quickly as you can.

If you know other hams who would like to volunteer, ask them to send the above information to me. If you are new and want to get more public service experience, this is an excellent event to get your feet wet. As significant as our communications will be, this event is a low impact opportunity to learn the ropes.

Your assistance is valuable. Please let me know promptly if you can help. I will get the assignments and more details to you as soon possible. If you have already volunteered, bear with me and reply to this message, also. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or would like to recommend another ham to join us.


Tom Bertolino, KB1P

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