MA Senate Passes Amateur Radio Week Declaration

2011 MA Senate Resolution honoring Amateur Radio WeekIn conjuntion with ARRL Field Day, the Massachusetts State Senate passed a Resolultion late last week “honoring Amateur Radio operators as they celebrate Amateur Radio Week and participate in Field Day.”

Like the Governor’s Proclamation, the Senate Resolution was brought about through the efforts of State Government Liaison, K3HI, Local Government Liaison Hank McCarl, W4RIG, by several club presidents; and, by one licensed Amateur in particular who happens to be a Massachusetts State Senator: Bruce Tarr, N1UIU.

Although a copy was not available to tour during Field Day, hard copies of the Resolution have been transmitted to ARRL Headquarters, and to Eastern and Western MA Section Managers Phil Temples, K9HI and Ed Emco, W1KT, respectively.

Sen. Tarr writes about the Resolution in his blog at

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