Bay State Marathon to be held Oct. 16th in Lowell

Bay State MarathonFor the second year, amateur radio has been asked to help with race communications throughout the course of the Bay State Marathon. This years course is a little longer and we would like additional communications resources to cover the entire race, so we are looking for a few more hams than in the past.

I know it is a “long” weekend which includes NEAR-FEST, but if you find that you don’t want to be dodging rain drops in Deerfield but enjoy the warm sunny skies of Lowell along the river, consider joining us.

It is an early morning event (7 AM) and you should be able to be home in time to watch fute-ball in the afternoon! Patriots game is at 4:15.

Please contact Alan-W1AHM or Terry-KA8SCP if you have questions or are available to assist.

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