Minuteman Linked 222 MHz Network

MMRA logoThe Minuteman Repater Association (MMRA) has created an exclusively 222 MHz repeater network. All the MMRA 222 MHz repeaters are now full time linked together and to each other only. The network currently consists of: 223.94 Hopkinton, 224.40 Quincy, 224.70 Weston, 224.88 Marlboro. All use a PL of 103.5. 222 MHz has superior propagation to 440 MHz or 900 MHz and is free from the interference on those bands. For more information on the MMRA 222 MHz Repeater Network go to www.mmra.org.

New amateur gear for the 222 MHz band has recently come on the market: Jetstream mobile($230), Alinco mobile($230), Wouxun 144/222 MHz portable($100), Alinco 222 MHz portable($170), Alinco 222/900 portable($350), Kenwood 144/222/440 MHz portable($300), etc.

“Tuesday is 220 Day” similar to “Thursday is 900 Day” is being promoted by Jeff, N1ZZN, and Roger, WA1NVC.

The New England IRLP Reflector has created a New England Amateur Radio 220 MHz Network(Near-220) channel (9124) just like the Near-900 channel (9125).

The MMRA 222 MHz Repeater Network will also be connected to the Near-220 channel on Tuesdays. This will be implemented as soon as the IRLP node at the Weston site is working.

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