Massachusetts – Rhode Island CW Net

It is great to see more interest in CW these days.  It really is a fun mode, especially when you aren’t required to learn it for a license.

We had a section CW net (EMRI) for many years, which met every evening at 7:00 PM.  Unfortunately several years ago we disbanded due to lack of participation.  Now, however with the increased interest I would like to see this net operational again.  Since there is no West Mass CW net I would like this net to represent all Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  Because some are working on building their CW skills, or may be a bit rusty, I would like to see a net run at a “relaxed” pace.  You can find opportunities to increase your code speed as you pass traffic, liaise to the region net (1RN), etc.  I will be asking Net Control stations to keep the speed down, and any participants can always ask to please QRS (slow down).  It is helpful if when checking in to send at a speed you are comfortable copying and NCS can return at your speed.  Don’t know how a CW net is run?  Listen, read the MPG on the ARRL website, or ask questions of me, or any NCS.

I don’t have a frequency at this time.  I will have more information later so please monitor this website.  Anyone interested let me know.  I have heard from some of you already.  We will plan to meet at 7PM.  I suggest beginning with five evenings a week.  If enough activity and net control stations available we can add weekends.  Of course we will need traffic, so please plan on bringing some with you, greetings to family, friends, fellow hams you meet on the bands, thanks for contact, let’s make  sked, etc.  Be creative.

Stay tuned, and hope to see you on CW.

73, Marcia KW1U

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