New Hampshire Section Manager Pete Stohrer K1PJS has given permission to post the following.  Note that the symposium is open to all, and I encourage Massachusetts hams to sign up.  I plan to be there along with N1OTC and we hope to see some of you folks there too, whether you are new to traffic handling, interested in trying a new mode (ie CW or digital), or looking for a refresher73, Marcia KW1U


Attention Traffic Handlers and interested Amateurs

A Traffic Handling and Training Symposium is scheduled in Concord (NH) for August 30th from 9A until 1p, the meeting location will be at Concord Bible Fellowship, 25 Rockingham St.

The meeting will discuss the basics of traffic handling, radiogram structure, CW and voice traffic net protocols, the National Traffic System (NTS) and the National Traffic System Digital (NTSD).

Traffic Handling is a skill all Amateurs should be familiar with. During emergencies you may be called to help pass messages when the regular communication infrastructure is down.

The ARRL had its formation around Traffic Handling and it is a skill as much needed today as then.

Lunch will be provided. The symposium is open to all. If you would like to attend send an email to


Pete, K1PJS


Peter J. Stohrer, K1PJS
ARRL NH Section Manager
9 Gladstone St.
Concord, NH 03301

603 345-1470(C)

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