NTS Digital, or NTSD, is a digital network operating parallel to the NTS.  It operates 24/7 on both HF Pactor and VHF Packet.  Using  autoforwarding, messages are relayed throughout the US and Canada and now also between the US and Germany and Great Britain with potential outlets to other European countries.  Note however that due to FCC regulations, messages between the US and Great Britain and European countries can only be from one amateur to another amateur. Station KW1U operates on both HF and VHF and amateurs are invited to use the station via either HF or VHF for relaying message traffic.

Greg KC1CIC has recently become a digital relay station (DRS) for this area, and now has experience in setting up a digital station for this type of relay.  Greg has written a great article on his experience and this can be found by clicking Getting_Started_with_NTS_Digital.

Many thanks to Greg.  Check it out and join us on NTSD.

73, Marcia KW1U

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