NWS Forecast Office, WX1BOX Move to Norton Complete

SKYWARN logoRob Macedo, KD1CY writes on SKYWARN_Announce:

The National Weather Service Forecast Office has now moved to its new facility in Norton Massachusetts and has been renamed to the National Weather Service Forecast office Boston/Norton. A Public Information Statement and a few photos of the facility can be seen at the following link:


The Amateur Radio Station at the new weather office will be brought online likely over the next couple of weeks as there are still a few important communications issues that are still in the process of being resolved for NWS operations and they will take priority. Once those are resolved, the Amateur Radio Station will be brought online. On the nearest weekend or weeknight that work is completed, we will hold a communications test of the Amateur Radio equipment to test out the station.

It is very important to note that WX1BOX, the Amateur Radio station at NWS Boston/Norton, will feature all new Amateur Radios and antennas. The Eastern Region and national headquarters of NWS made it a point to get the new facility and our station, all new Amateur Radio equipment, as a thanks and in recognition to ongoing efforts to support the NWS Forecast Office during times of severe weather and understanding the high utilization that it has due to the dedicated volunteers that man the station and the thousands of Amateur Radio and non-Amateur Radio SKYWARN Spotters who report in during severe weather. This could not be done without your continued support.

We have renamed our WX1BOX Twitter to the Boston/Norton name and the Facebook name change to Boston/Norton is pending approval. We will also make appropriate changes to the static pages on the wx1box.org web site.

We will send out another special announcement when the new Amateur Radio station at the NWS Boston/Norton facility is on air. Thanks to all for their continued support of the now NWS Boston/Norton SKYWARN program and thanks to the city of Taunton for their support over the last 25+ years.

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