Highlights National Seashore Amateur Radio Events

KM1CC QSL cardThe online newspaper carried a story on April 4 entitled, “National Seashore to Host Events Commemorating Titanic, Marconi.”

The article publicizes two upcoming events: the Titanic Memorial Event on April 14, which will honor the the lives of 1,500 people lost aboard the RMS Titanic. That operation is being conducted by the Titanic/Marconi Memorial Association of Cape Cod, W1MGY.

The Cape Cod newspaper article also describes International Marconi Day on April 21,  an event which will honor Guglielmo Marconi for his contributions to wireless technology. The Marconi Cape Cod Radio Club, will operate KM1CC at the Nauset Coast Guard Station.

This, and other stories publicizing Amateur Radio can be found at Amateur Radio in the Media.

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