National Grid Talk at Dan’s Tech Night, April 12, 2018

high voltage transmission linesDan Pedtke, KW2T writes:

Looks like we’re on this month with the two engineers from National Grid.  They have verified they will be coming this week.  So we’ll learn some interesting things about the local power grid, and be able to ask questions about it.  I mentioned five topics to them as examples:

  • The local large transmission lines – what are they used for, power to/from where, voltage, etc.
  • The Sandy Pond inverter station – not a National Grid asset, but maybe some basic facts
  • Working on live transmission lines – what’s it like to have 13KV in your hands
  • What is the effect of all the solar installations in the area?
  • How to deal with RF Interference issues.

If you’ve ever wondered how the power gets to your house, here’s your chance to find out this Thursday, April 12, at the Grady Research Building in Ayer at  7:00 PM.

See for details and directions.

Hope to see you there.

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