Storm & Boston Marathon Weather Coordination Message #2 – Sunday April 15th 2018-Monday April 16th 2018

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..Coordination Message updated for Winter Weather headlines. No changes to current thinking for Marathon Monday. Updates on Marathon Monday Forecast will be posted in the evening coordination message update..
..Winter to be felt through early Monday Morning followed by heavy rain and strong winds for Patriots Day/Marathon Monday. This is a combined Storm & Boston Marathon Weather Coordination Message and these will continue to be combined through Sunday Evening/Monday Morning..
..A Winter Weather Advisory remains in effect through 8 AM Monday for Franklin, Western Hampshire, Western Hampden, Northern Worcester and Northern Middlesex Counties of Massachusetts for up to 0.20″ radial ice accumulations and result in slippery road conditions. If 0.20″ or more of icing occurs, isolated pockets of tree and wire damage and isolated power outages may develop..
..A Winter Weather Advisory is now in effect through 2 AM Monday Morning for Central and Southeast Middlesex, Essex, and Southern Worcester Counties of Massachusetts for light icing and accumulations up to 0.10″ inches and slippery road conditions..
..A Winter Weather Advisory is now in effect through 2 AM Monday Morning for Northern Connecticut, Eastern Hampden and Eastern Hampshire Counties of Massachusetts for up to 0.10″ radial ice and slippery road conditions..
..A Winter Weather Advisory is now in effect through 9 PM Sunday Evening for Providence and Kent Counties of Rhode Island, Norfolk, Suffolk and Northern Bristol Counties of Rhode Island for a trace of radial ice accumulation and slippery road conditions..
..Patriots Day/Marathon Monday will have widespread rainfall with the heaviest rainfall during the late morning to early evening timeframe. Strong wind gusts of 30-45 MPH are possible across interior Southern New England with wind gusts of 45-50 MPH possible in Southeast New England. Isolated thunderstorms and lightning are also possible. This is detailed in the Boston Marathon Weather portion of this coordination message..
..SKYWARN Self-Activation will monitor the icing conditions Sunday into early Monday Morning. SKYWARN Activation with Ops at NWS Boston/Norton will commence at 600 AM Monday for the storm on Marathon Monday lasting through 600 PM Monday Evening..

The light icing conditions for late tonight through early Monday Morning are covered in the headlines of this coordination message. SKYWARN Self-Activation will monitor the icing conditions Sunday into early Monday Morning. Below is the NWS Boston/Norton Winter Weather Advisory Statement:

NWS Boston/Norton Winter Weather Advisory Statement:

The second part of this message is a special announcement – Boston Marathon Weather Coordination Message as issued in prior years:

While this may be a bit off topic for some SKYWARN Spotters, Amateur Radio Operators and Red Cross volunteers, many of which are SKYWARN Spotters, will be involved in the Boston Marathon on Monday April 16th. To reach out to the highest level of Amateur Radio Operators involved in the event, this coordination message is being sent out to the SKYWARN email list and posted to the various Amateur Radio lists. We appreciate everyone’s patience with this message. This is a joint message between the Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES)-SKYWARN program at NWS Boston/Norton and Eastern Massachusetts ARES. Due to the storm conditions and the fact some level of SKYWARN Activation will occur, messages will occur through at least Sunday Evening on the storm event.

Eastern Massachusetts ARES members not participating in the Boston Marathon are requested to be on standby for marathon activities on Monday April 16th from 6 AM-7 PM for any significant issues outside of the Boston Marathon that may require Amateur Radio Emergency Communications support and for any unexpected issues on the Boston Marathon route. With over 280 Amateur Radio Operators staffing the Boston Marathon route, the start line and the finish line, if an issue arises needing Amateur Radio support outside of the Marathon route or an unexpected issue arises in marathon operations, it is important that any ARES members not involved in the marathon can help with any response that is required. The Amateur Radio Station at the National Weather Service in Boston/Norton, WX1BOX, will be active on Monday April 16th for the Boston Marathon to provide weather support to the Amateur Radio community participating in the marathon and to gather any weather reports of significance during the marathon. This station will also be used to coordinate any ARES response to any significant incidents regarding Amateur Radio support outside of the marathon zone including any incidents that need to be provided to the State EOC for situational awareness information.

The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) Multi-Agency Coordination Center (MACC) at the SEOC (State Emergency Operations Center) will be active for the Boston Marathon. Amateur Radio Operators will be at the SEOC to support Amateur Radio communications and will be on the air under call sign, WC1MA, while many agencies will be there performing primary operations for the marathon.

The weather outlook is definitely less than ideal for volunteers and is also not ideal for runners though not as significant as a warm weather event would be for the runners. Rain will be widespread across the marathon route in the morning hours and the heaviest rain is expected in the late morning through early evening. This may result some poor and drainage street flooding in the region. Strong winds are also possible with wind gusts in the 30-45 MPH range in the interior with the highest gusts as you get closer to the Metro Boston areas. Areas of Southeast New England will have wind gusts to 45-50 MPH and this may result in Wind Advisories as we get closer to the event. This could result in isolated pockets of tree and wire damage and isolated power outages. An isolated thunderstorm or two with attendant lightning risk is also possible but exact locations and whether they would occur on the marathon route are difficult to determine. All runners, volunteers and spectators should monitor future weather forecasts and should prepare accordingly for these conditions. SKYWARN Activation with Ops at NWS Boston/Norton will commence at 600 AM Monday for the storm on Marathon Monday lasting through 600 PM Monday Evening.

From a SKYWARN perspective, the 146.64-Waltham Repeater and 145.23-Boston Repeater are being utilized for Marathon operations. From an ARES perspective, the Minutemen Repeater Association Repeater Network is being utilized for marathon operations. Please review the SKYWARN Frequency listing for your closest alternate repeater from a SKYWARN or ARES perspective.

For Amateur Radio, Red Cross and all other volunteers along the route, it is recommended that you dress in layers for this event so that you can put on or take off clothes as needed for comfort. Rain gear is a must either with a clear poncho or a rain coat where you can still display appropriate credentials outside of the raincoat. Be sure to drink liquids and eat properly during the event and that you are self-sufficient so that you can be of full help to the function and not distract everyone from the main purpose of supporting the runners by having a health issue on your end that can be avoided. For volunteers, the BAA has sent around via email weather safety tips and suggestions on clothing and other safety tips.

For those people that are planning to go to the Boston Marathon as spectators, the following link details guidelines for spectators for the 2018 Boston Marathon:

Another coordination message will be posted by 1100 PM Sunday Evening. We appreciate everyone’s support in this event and hope those that volunteer enjoy themselves and feel the self-satisfaction of supporting this historic event and those that are monitoring the Marathon or events outside of the Marathon realize that the monitoring is an important function as well and is a testament to being able to scale other incidents beyond the marathon if required. Thanks to all for their support!

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Marek Kozubal
Eastern Massachusetts ARES Section Emergency Coordinator
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