Camp Squanto Scouts Ham Radio Demo Logistics, May 5, 2018

Jack Foley, N1QE writes on the Genesis ARS list:
Anyone that is headed over to Camp Squanto this weekend, and after the VE session you are welcome to join us, I will provide lunch, but please let me know if you are coming for lunch, beyond six or so.
There are TWO road races scheduled in the park on Saturday, so if you are joining us in the morning, setup starts anytime after 0730, our station opens for business at 0900, plan for delays in getting into the camp with associated traffic.
Thanks again to all, appreciate your support of Camp Squanto and W1CSQ.
W1CSQ has been given the green light to set up a ham/communication shack at Camp Squanto!  We have a room in a building to be our permanent location, YEAH!  On Saturday, I would appreciate input into layout of our room, antenna logistics etc.


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