Important ARES Leadership Reorganization in Eastern Massachusetts Section

ARRL flagAs part of a renewed emphasis on ARES throughout the Eastern Massachusetts section, Greg Bennett, KC1CIC has been appointed as Section Emergency Coordinator. The appointment was made on May 23, 2018 by Section Manager Tom Walsh. As Greg assumes his new role, Tom thanked outgoing SEC Marek Kozubal, KB1NCG for his service to the section for the past three years.

Greg brings a great amount of experience to the job. Greg is currently an Assistant Section Traffic Manager. KC1CIC has been a licensed amateur since 2014 and possesses over ten years of radio communications expertise learned in the military special forces.

Greg Bennett, KC1CIC, is active daily on the HF and VHF nets, and he is no stranger to emergency communications and public service.  He constructed his own ‘Go Kit’. He’s an effective manager and the author of articles on digital communications and emergency power. 

I have complete confidence that Greg will accomplish the goals I have set forth for the ARES program in Eastern Massachusetts. Those new goals include raising the profile of EMA ARES; developing a section emergency plan; restructuring our current leadership; revitalizing the program through new member recruitment; revamping instructional materials; and conducting regular section-wide Simulated Emergency Tests. 

Please welcome Greg Bennett, KC1CIC, to his new Section Emergency Coordinator role and give him your support.

Tom Walsh K1TW
ARRL Section Manager
Eastern Massachusetts
ARRL Eastern Massachusetts Section
Section Manager: Thomas D Walsh, K1TW

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